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Telephone System Replacement (VoIP)

Illinois Tech has selected the Internet2's NET+ SIP, a partnership between Internet2, Mitel (Aastra Clearspan) and CenturyLink, as it's new telecommunications system.  The new system will replace the four Avaya Definity systems and one Centrex system installed around 1990 that are beyond their expected life.  The Internet2 Clearspan solution is a single, highly reliable, cloud-based voice over internet protocol (VoIP) system will be the best solution for all of Illinois Tech’s campuses.  The new system will provide an integrated university-wide solution that provides the additional features the university has been requesting.

The conversion to Voice over IP will be rolled out in three phases:
1) Pilot:  The first phase was a proof-of-concept with Internet2 in 2019.  This phase included the deployment of VoIP services for Illinois Tech’s new Ed Kaplan Family Institute for Innovation and Tech Entrepreneurship as well as a few select areas on the Mies Campus.  The proof-of-concept was successful and we are continuing onto phase two.
2) University-wide mobile/softphone rollout:  Phase two includes the conversion of the remainder of the university to the new VoIP service utilizing the mobile app that runs on personally owned IOS (Apple) and Android devices or softpohnes that can run on a Windows or Mac PC/Laptop.  Phase two will be done in May 2020 due to the COVID-19 shelter-in-place order.
3) University-wide deskphone rollout:  Phase three includes the deployment of physical desk/wall phones for users that wish to have them.   This phase will begin upon the return to campus after the COVID-19 shelter-in-place order has ended and will contunue for several months.

PHase 2 (Mobile devices & softphones)

The rollout of the mobile & softphone applications will be done over a short period in logical groups.  For example, all extensions for the Chicago-Kent College of Law & common phones at the Conviser Law Center will be done at the same time.

While both the mobile application and softphone application can be installed, OTS highly recommends the use of the mobile application over the softphone application.  This is due to the ease of configuration as well as the ease of use as the mobile application.   The mobile application provides a much more natural telephone experience.

The conversion dates are scheduled as follows:

Numbers starting with 312-567-3XXX Tuesday, May 26
Numbers starting with 312-567-5XXX Thursday, May 28
Numbers starting with 312-567-6XXX Monday, June 1
Numbers starting with 312-567-7XXX Monday, June 1
Numbers starting with 312-567-8XXX Monday, June 1
Numbers starting with 630-682-XXXX** Tuesday, June 2
Numbers starting with 312-906-XXXX** Wednesday, June 3
Numbers starting with 312-235-XXXX Thursday, June 4
Numbers starting with 312-808-XXXX Thursday, June 4
Non-direct-dial extensions (4-XXXX) Friday, June 5

** NOTE: All telephones at the Conviser Law Center (CLC) and on Rice Campus will convert to VoIP on these dates. The CLC will be sending their community members detailed instructions on the conversion process as the relevant date draws nearer.

mobile app - ios (apple)

mobile app - android

softphone app - windows & Mac

When using the softphone application you will need to purchase a headset for your laptop/desktop.  The recommended headset is the Logitech USB Headset H390 with Noise Cancelling Mic available from CDW in BuyIt for $27.64.

PHASE 3 (desk/wall phones)

Once we return to campus you will have the opportunity to add a physical telephone set if desired through BuyIt. The basic telephone, the Mitel 6863i can be added at no charge while supplies last. You may also upgrade to the Mitel 6865i, 6867i for an additional one-time fee.  In addition, you may add an expansion module to a 6865i or 6867i.  More information on these models and the prices are listed below.

mitel 6863i - $0

MITEL 6865I - $22

MITEL 6867I - $72

MITEL Expansion module - $110


For People With Disabilities

If anyone with disabilities needs assistance with telephones or voicemail, please contact the OTS Support Desk.
Phone: 312.567.3375 (on campus x7Desk)