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06/23/2016 5:00AM
Migrate Roger to OTS domain - Phase I
06/24/2016 8:30PM - 12:30AM
Xtender/Evision (Upgrade)
06/24/2016 9:15PM
Network Upgrade (Perlstein Hall)
06/24/2016 9:15PM - 9:45PM
Network Upgrade (MSV - wired and wireless)
06/24/2016 9:15PM - 9:45PM
Bomgar [] (Upgrade)
06/24/2016 9:15PM - 9:45PM
McAfee ePO Server (Upgrade)
06/24/2016 9:15PM - 12:15AM
Network Upgrade (SSV, TBC, ERB, SB)
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