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Technology Things You Need to Know Upon Returning to Campus

Welcome Back to Campus!

As we prepare for your return to campus, the Office of Technology Services (OTS) encourages you to ready your devices/technology for greater ease of use upon your return.

Since many of our community members will be returning onsite on August 2, 2021, you might wish to consider picking a day prior to August 2 to come to campus to get yourself ready prior to that time.  If you should need assistance from the OTS Support Desk, the 'line' will definitely be shorter before August 2 then on or after August 2.


A. Wired - If you have not been on campus in the past six months, you will need to register each of your devices once you are connected to the wired network.  You can do this by going to from the device that needs to be registered and following the instructions provided. 

B. Wireless - If you have not connected your mobile device, desktop, and/or laptop to the university’s wireless network in the past 12 months, you will need to accept the new security certificate on each of your devices. 

Why?  On a regular basis, IIT must replace its security certificate, which triggers the need for you to accept the new security certificate via a prompt that you will receive the first time you try to use the Internet. If you have any difficulties doing this, please review the connection guides found here or contact the Support Desk at or 312-567-3375 (on campus x7Desk). 


Hopefully, you have your PC/Mac set up to perform automatic software updates.  If not, there could be a number of updates that have to be run, which will likely take some time.  How much time?  Depending on how many updates are needed, it could take anywhere from approximately 3 minutes to 2 hours.

  • IMPORTANT:  Please do not shut down your computer while the updates are in progress because that could cause file corruption resulting in data loss and/or make your computer unusable.


If you changed your myIIT portal password since the last time you were on campus, you may need to change your password on your wireless device(s).  Please check your devices to make sure you are connected to IIT-Secure and/or eduroam.


A. VoIP Equipment  

During the past year, OTS fully transitioned the phone (voice) system to Clearspan’s Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system with advantages that include making and receiving calls and retrieving voicemail from the Clearspan Mobile App, the availability of the softphone (an application for your PC/Mac), and more. 

Please note: Your 'old' Avaya phone equipment is no longer operational now that the university is on the VoIP system.  If you have old phone equipment or other electronic waste, please put in a HawkWorks ticket to have it removed. 

B. Getting Equipment Compatible with the VoIP System

Please contact the OTS Support Desk at or call 312-567-3375 (on campus x7DESK) to:

  • Let them know when you will be coming by the 2nd floor of the Galvin Library to pick up your previously ordered VoIP equipment.   
    • You no longer need to bring in your old phone to get a new phone; the give-a-phone, get-a-phone program is no longer in effect. 
    • If you cannot recall whether you ordered equipment, ask the Support Desk to check their records for you. 

If you did not order equipment but are interested in purchasing either a headset or a desk set, please review the Voice Communications webpage for VoIP-related styles and models and place your manager-approved order through Buy It. 

C.  VoIP User and Quick Reference Guides 

Please visit the Voice Communications webpage where you will find application download links as well VoIP User and Quick Reference Guides for:

  • VoIP Desk Sets;
  • (Clearspan) Mobile App (for Android and Apple devices); and 
  • (Clearspan Communicator) Softphone App (for Windows and Mac).

D. Voicemail

You may recall that Illinois Tech's voicemail system is separate and distinct from our phone system.   

If you need assistance with your voicemail or with resetting your voicemail password, please review the bottom of the Voice Communications webpage to find:

  • User and Quick Reference Guides; and 
  • Password Reset Instructions.


A. Ink/Toner

If you haven't used your office or department's printer in a while, your toner may have dried out (printouts will be light or spotty).  If your printer is covered by Illinois Tech’s new agreement with Imagetec, there is no charge for toner.  Please contact Imagetec at the telephone number shown on the printer label (see below) for service. 

Imagetec Printer Label

If your printer is not covered by Imagetec, the vendor has competitive pricing on most toner models and will provide a quote.

B. Hardware  

If you have hardware issues with your department printer, you can call Imagetec, supplying the E tag and/or serial number that appears on the printer label (see above). 

If your printer is not under contract, Imagetec will provide a quote for the repair. Additionally, you can contact the OTS Support Desk to look into getting your printer added to the university’s contract. 

C. Connection/Setup

If you experience any difficulty connecting/setting up a printer, please contact the OTS Support Desk at or 312-567-3375 (on campus x7Desk). 

D. The IIT Copier Program and Further Assistance   

Full information on the copier program along with resources for ordering supplies and requesting service can be found on the Procurement Services website.

If anyone has issues ordering supplies, determining whether their machine is covered by IIT’s contract, or logging in to the e-info system, please contact Madeline Olszak at


A. Workshops and Training Sessions   

The Center for Learning Innovation (CLI) offers a variety of workshops on technology and pedagogy and can even customize a workshop for you.  To learn more, please click here.

In addition, OTS is offering in-person classroom-technology training sessions.  To see the schedule and sign up for a day/time, please click here.

B. Training Videos

OTS has made a number of training videos for your convenience, including room setup, full hybrid classroom and cart setup and operation, as well as basic cart (studio/labs) setup and operation.

In the most recent Students Speak Survey, our students asked how we might work together to create a better, smoother, hybrid-classroom experience for them.  OTS hopes that your review of these training videos will take us a step closer in achieving that goal for them.   

C. Update:  Legacy and Hybrid Classroom Camera Operators

Please note: there will no longer be camera operators available in legacy classrooms or in hybrid classrooms.

Once again, we welcome you back to campus!  We are excited to work with you to resume university operations.