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Project Request Process

OTS has reviewed the old project selection process and has strived to align it with the new plan.  The new process is ROI-based and will conform to IIT’s overall strategic plan and business objectives.  The new process will continue to petition and incorporate input from the greater IIT community.  To that end, the process will be:

Request and submit a project

  • Stakeholder will submit a ticket through the PMO space in Footprints for any new project request
  • The PMO will compile a list of all submitted projects to present to stakeholders/departments
  • Twice a year, the PMO will meet with stakeholders/departments to gather the priority of each department’s projects
  • Two rotations per year (January-May, July-November)
  • June and December will be project closeout months from each rotation
  • The PMO will compile a new list with the top priority projects from each department to be used in the Scoring and Rating Process

Score and rate the priority projects

  • The PMO will add the priority projects to the Weighted Scoring Sheet and will share the Weighted Scoring Sheet with each member of the Stakeholder Committee, along with descriptions and details of each project
  • Each member of the Stakeholder Committee will give a rating to each of the projects
  • An average weighted score, per project, will be automatically calculated based on all ratings that were given by the Stakeholder Committee
  • If needed, the PMO will hold a Stakeholder Committee meeting to allow discussion of the initial ratings and address any varying discrepancies within the ratings 
  • This will allow for opinions and thoughts to be presented and shared
  • After being made aware of additional information that was presented at the meeting, the committee members will then have a defined period of time to make changes to their initial ratings
  • A completed and finalized Weighted Scoring Sheet will be presented to the Provost and CIO for decision making
  • Communication on the decision will follow to the community
  • Please note, you can use the evaluation criteria on the scoring sheet and the relative weight (score) to help you assess the probability that a certain project will be selected