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Project Request Process

The PMO project selection process intentionally aligns selected projects with the university’s strategic plan. This process requires that projects have measurable outcomes so that we can be certain that we meet project objectives. All requested projects need to illustrate a cost savings or savings in staff/faculty time that will provide a significant return on investment. In addition, project requests should contribute to advancing the university towards a more enterprise and cloud-based technological environment.

Our project selection process seeks input from stakeholders across the university, who comprise a Stakeholder Committee that decides on what projects are selected. There are two rotations per year (January-May, and July-November).  June and December will be project closeout months for each rotation. 

The project submission and selection process is outlined below.

Project Submission Process

  • The requestor will submit a new project through the Project Management Office space in Footprints 
    • Project requests may be submitted anytime throughout the year
    • Project request deadlines will be communicated for each rotation
  • The PMO will first meet with the Provost for any university priorities and/or mandatory strategic initiatives that further the advancement of IIT’s strategic plan
    • These projects will not be rated and will automatically be selected for the upcoming rotation
  • The PMO will then gather a list of all submitted projects to present to stakeholders/departments for prioritization
    • Twice a year, the PMO will meet with stakeholders/departments to gather the priority of each department’s projects 
  • The PMO will then compile an updated list with the top priority projects from each department that will be rated by the Stakeholder Committee

Project Selection Process

  • The PMO will add the prioritized projects  to a Google Form to be rated by the Stakeholder Committee
    • Categories are weighted based on importance 
    • An average weighted score will be calculated from the Stakeholder Committee ratings
    • See the selection categories here
  • When necessary, the PMO will hold a Stakeholder Committee meeting to allow discussion of the initial ratings and target any varying discrepancies
  • An executive report will be presented to the Provost and CIO to confirm which projects the PMO will work on for each rotation
  • The PMO will communicate the selected projects to the stakeholders and IIT community

Are you considering submitting a project request to the PMO? Here are questions we will ask that you should consider in advance.

  1. Which of Illinois Tech’s Strategic priorities does this project relate to? See 
  2. Will this request have executive support needed to drive the project forward? 
  3. Which business unit is requesting this? Which business units are affected by this request? 
  4. What is the problem that this request addresses? Why are you proposing this request? 
  5. What are the proposed solutions and deliverables of this request? 
  6. What is the project's urgency? Is this project necessary for legal, regulatory, security, or other compliance-related reasons? 
  7. Are external professional services required? (If so, have quotes been gathered, and/or is there a signed contract?)
  8. What are the time/labor savings associated with this request? 
  9. What are the cost savings associated with this request? (This figure should exclude cost savings associated with time/labor savings?) 
  10.  Provide details and/or descriptions to support time/labor and cost savings.