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Project Management Office Portfolio

Each calendar year has two rotations. The first rotation begins on January 1st and ends on May 31st. The second rotation of the year begins on July 1st and ends on November 30th. During the months of June and December, the PMO takes the time to wrap up projects from a previous rotation; as well as, to begin the process for selecting new projects for the upcoming rotation.

Current Projects (2023 Rotation 1):

Coursera integration 

  • Campus Partner/s: Various
  • Size: Large
  • Description: Provides world-class, job-relevant online learning for students, faculty, and staff with Coursera by enhancing curricula content giving hands on experience and increasing student capacity without increasing infrastructure costs.
  • Project Manager: Carlos Salinas

Implement CIBC International Student Payment System

  • Campus Partner/s: Finance and OTS
  • Size: Medium
  • Description: This is a revenue generation project with a focus on lowering student payment fees and exchange rates, while generating additional revenue for the university through student payment transaction fees with a new third party provider.
  • Project Manager: Paul Loretto

Replacing OnPay with Finexio

  • Campus Partner/s: Procurement and OTS
  • Size: Small
  • Description: Finexio would move a great deal of payment and reconciliation management offsite, freeing up the time of IIT employees to focus on other tasks. Payments would be automatically loaded into Buy It for users to see and vendor creation would automatically feed over to Finexio from Buy It, omitting the need to complete a duplicate manual entry every time a supplier is added into the system. Finexio currently works with our eProcurement supplier Unimarket, which would make the integration process run fairly smoothly.
  • Project Manager: Carlos Salinas

Faculty Information System

  • Campus Partner/s: Various 
  • Size: Large
  • Description: This project will extend the deployment of the PeopleAdmin: Faculty Information System (FIS) to all colleges on campus. In addition to updating the system to include new templates for all colleges, this project will also involve coordinating communication to campus Deans/Chairs, outlining an official review process, and facilitating training and change management.
  • Project Manager: Paul Loretto 

Design Thinking for Innovation

  • Campus Partner/s: Institute of Design, Professional Services and OTS 
  • Size: Medium
  • Description: Design Thinking for Innovation (DTI) focuses on techniques for delivering solutions to tough business challenges by focusing on prototyping and incorporating iterative change into real-world processes. Starting with understanding the needs and motivation of stakeholders, this online course will show how to use data to define real business problems, visualize the desired future, and create action to achieve it. DTI explores the framework of exploration, development, and assessment of design solutions that promote sustainable and equitable change.
  • Project Manager: Carlos Salinas

Replacement of Eforms

  • Campus Partner/s: ESS, Registrar, Financial Aid and OTS
  • Size: Large
  • Description: Eforms is an outdated and unsupported tool to allow for an online submission of a student request that then initiates a series of updates in Banner. Eforms will be replaced by some combination of a Salesforce or Ellucian web form combined with a workflow process for approval and updates in the system.
  • Project Manager: Paul Loretto

New Academic Semester Planning Coordination for Spring 2023

  • Campus Partner/s: various
  • Size: Small
  • Description: While not a project in the traditional sense, the PMO has been asked to oversee a  tasklist of technology processes across the university for the start of each semester so that there is intentional collaboration and central oversight.
  • Project Manager: Paul Loretto 



Identity and Access Management

  • Carry-over reason: planned to span multiple project rotations
  • Campus Partner/s: Various (primarily OTS)
  • Size: Extra Large
  • Description: Illinois Tech is implementing an identity management solution, Okta, to automate and centrally manage who has access to which Illinois Tech systems and better understand how to control it  This project will provide better protect university data; enable security features such as multi-factor authentication (MFA); create efficiencies in onboarding, off-boarding, and role changes by only allowing access to applications to those who need it; and enable self-service password and access requests.
  • Project Manager: Molly McDermott


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