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Project Management Office Portfolio

Each calendar year has two rotations. The first rotation begins on January 1st and ends on May 31st. The second rotation of the year begins on July 1st and ends on November 30th. During the months of June and December, the PMO takes the time to wrap up projects from a previous rotation; as well as, to begin the process for selecting new projects for the upcoming rotation.

Current Projects (2022 Rotation 1):

uConnect Student Engagement Virtual Center
This project will implement uConnect software, an “all-in-one virtual career center,” to be used by the Student Engagement Division (Career Services, Campus Life, and Residence Life). uConnect will integrate existing student engagement and career center resources and services into one platform, to deliver custom and relevant information to our students. It will display content in the form of a calendar of events, up-to-date articles, and more. This product will address segmented resources such as Handshake, Suitable, VMock that are utilized by students but exist in separate pages, thereby making resources more difficult to find. Student Engagement's goal is to bring Career Services, Campus and Residence Life and partner offices into one digital space.

TerraDotta Software for International Student and Scholar Compliance 
This product will replace the current International Student and Scholar Management (ISSM) system that has had many support-related issues over the years. This software will centralize information that is currently in multiple systems, eliminate upkeep of a homegrown system, integrate with Banner, and has robust activity tracking and reporting capabilities. In addition, TerraDotta will streamline the process of issuing student I-20s, it has a work authorization application that feeds data directly to homeland security, and it will otherwise automate manual processes and save significant staff time, which will allow the International Center to better serve the needs of its students.

Carry-Over Projects

Automate the English Language Services (ELS) Assessment Process
This project will address the administrative and backend processes related to course registration, course requirements, and course completion/tracking for English Languages Services by creating an automated and integrated process. Creating these efficiencies will lead to an increase in admissions and enrollment, an improved student experience especially for first-year international students, time and cost savings, and better transparency and equity among international students admitted with English language requirements. 

Identity and Access Management
This project will provide an enhanced level of security to accessing technology used at the university, and will make a much more streamlined onboarding and offboarding process for faculty, staff, students, and others, in terms of the role-based access they require. Specifically, we will implement a premier identity management solution, called Okta, which will automate and centrally manage who has access to which systems, providing user lifecycle management, single sign-on, and management of self-service password and access requests.

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