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Web Server Accounts Standards

Standards for Course Web Accounts on

Any IIT faculty member can request an account on mycourses (~coursename) through the Office of Technology Services (OTS). Course Web accounts will have a quota of 1 GB. Accounts will be created only if the functions required for the site cannot be done in the Blackboard course management system. The Blackboard administrator will review requests for course Web accounts to verify that the functionality cannot be performed in Blackboard. The account will be terminated seven days after grades are due to be submitted. Users may request to extend or renew the account. Requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and approved pursuant to the aforementioned requirements. The name of the course will match the short name of the course, such as CS101-01 or MAE101-51.

Standards for Subdomain Requests

All requests for IIT subdomains (virtual domains) will be subject to review by OTS and IIT Marketing and Communications. The assignment of virtual domains to non-IIT IP addresses may be permitted, if the virtual domain name is approved. These requests are typically reserved for recruiting or advancement efforts. Virtual domains for official IIT departmental accounts, offices, and organizations will not be permitted.

Additional Notes

  • Additional space may be purchased for course, organization, department, and research accounts.
  • This environment does not contain any software compilers and should not be used for software development or computationally intensive applications.