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Web Database Standards

Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) Office of Technology Services (OTS) provides and maintains database services to official IIT administrative departments and student organizations. MySQL (MySQL) database accounts (open source) are available to University organizations interested in developing database driven web sites on This policy provides guidelines for creating and maintaining database accounts granted by OTS.


  • Database accounts are for University organizational use only. These accounts are prohibited for personal use.
  • The database must be maintained at a size no larger than 100 MB.
  • No obscene content or personal information, including, but not limited to, Social Security numbers, birth dates, or credit card numbers, may be stored in the database.
  • Database connectivity is restricted to IIT's network; therefore all database accounts must be hosted on the IIT network.
  • Database accounts must be renewed annually (exceptions will be considered only if arrangements are made in advance).
  • OTS will provide MySQL server support only. The account owner is responsible for end user troubleshooting, and maintenance.

Violation of these standards may result in a suspension or permanent removal of database privileges. All content is subject to the Use of Technology Resources policy and other standards of conduct as defined by the IIT Student Handbook and Human Resources policy. OTS reserves the rights to change these standards or remove access to these services without notice.

Questions or concerns regarding these standards should be directed to OTS Support Desk