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Printing for Non-IIT Groups

Non-Illinois Tech organizations that are renting OTS computer labs may request group printing accounts for research and administrative activities for the duration of their rental agreement.  A group printing account includes a shared login for computers in OTS labs and shared access to group printing funds. The account activity and fund balance can be monitored through the group’s account. Policies and procedures related to the group printing service are owned and managed by IIT's Office of Technology Services.

The responsible party for the organization is responsible for deposits to and management of group funds, distribution of login credentials within the group and any password changes. Under no circumstances will OTS be responsible for refunding printing balances that have been depleted by unauthorized usage.

Group printing account activities shall be regulated the Use of Technology Resources Policy and related OTS standards, policies and procedures.

Procedures for Rental

The responsible party for the organization must identify a university faculty or staff sponsor who will request the formation of a group printing account by completing the Group Printing Account Request Form. The sponsor must include their email address, which will be the primary means of communication between the OTS Support Desk and the group.

Printing system administrators shall review the requests a minimum of once per business day. The administrators will either approve or deny each request in the approval queue.

Reasons for denial include: group requested by a student; group requested by a faculty member on behalf of a nonacademic student organization, which is not registered with the Office of Student Activities; group requested by a faculty, staff or alumni for a stated purpose that violates IIT's policies on the use of computer resources. All legitimate group requests will be approved within 3 business days.

If a group request is denied, an explanation shall be included with the denial, which the requestor will receive via email.

Once a group has been approved, the sponsoring faculty/staff member will receive an email to their email account, with the login credentials for the account. The account username will be generated by OTS and the initial account password will be the sponsoring member’s default password: MMDDXXX. Where MMDD is the 2-digit month and day of the individual’s birthday and XXXX is the last 4 numbers of their CWID. The sponsoring faculty/staff member will be responsible for logging into the group myIIT account, changing the password and sharing the group account username and password with the other group members.

Technical support questions should be directed to the OTS Support Desk.

When the organization’s rental agreement ends, the group printing account will be deactivated.  Any funds remaining in the account are forfieted and non-refundable.