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PC Lab Usage Rules

To ensure appropriate use of shared Illinois Institute of Technology Office of Technology Services (OTS) computer lab resources, the following rules apply to all individuals utilizing these services.

  1. No eating or drinking is allowed in the labs at any time.
  2. No use of tobacco is allowed in the labs at any time.
  3. No use of profanity, racial slurs, sexual innuendos or pornographic material is allowed in the labs.
  4. Use of viruses, Trojans, worms or other malicious hacking/cracking software will not be tolerated in the labs.
  5. All students must show an Illinois Tech ID card to a staff member when requested.
  6. Cell phone use is not permitted in the labs to avoid disrupting other students who are studying. Please turn off cell phones or set the ringer to "vibrate" before entering the lab.
  7. There is no time limit for computer use. However, computers left unattended for an extended period of time may be reassigned to someone else.
  8. Due to licensing restrictions, only current Illinois Tech students, faculty, and staff are allowed in the labs unless prior authorization is obtained through OTS.
  9. No commercial or business-related work is permitted in the computer labs unless prior written authorization is obtained from OTS management.
  10. Any student, faculty or staff that vandalizes, destroys, removes or threatens Illinois Tech equipment/assets will be reported to Public Safety to be removed from the premises.
  11. Any student, faculty or staff that threatens another student, faculty or staff member verbally or physically, will be reported to Public Safety and detained until taken into custody.
  12. All articles and rules contained in the student handbook will be enforced.
  13. All OTS policies and procedures will be enforced.
  14. Disregard of these rules will result in a verbal warning upon first offense; second offense will result in termination of computer lab privileges pending investigation.

In case of emergency call Public Safety at 312-808-6363 or 8-6363.

OTS Support Desk
Support Desk: 312-567-3375 or 7-3375 (7-DESK)