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Non-Interference with Technology Infrastructure

Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), through the Office of Technology Services (OTS), has invested significant resources to modernize the University technology infrastructure and to manage radio frequencies (spectrums), so that it can provide students, faculty and staff with high-quality, uninterrupted voice, data and video and distance learning services, both wireless and wired. To ensure the operational integrity of such services, it is essential that no action be taken that would interfere with or otherwise obstruct this infrastructure or the use of these frequencies.

Accordingly, students, faculty and staff are prohibited from undertaking any activity, including, but not limited to, the installation of equipment, devices, or antennae, whether for their own benefit or for the benefit of third parties, that may cause interference with or otherwise obstruct the operation or use of the University’s technology infrastructure or radio frequencies. If an activity is found to have such an effect, then OTS shall have the right to direct the responsible individual(s) to use every effort to eliminate immediately such interference or obstruction.

If a student, faculty, or staff member has any concerns as to whether an activity may impact the University’s technology infrastructure or radio frequencies, consulting with OTS in advance of undertaking the activity is recommended.