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Google Workspace Standards - Faculty/Staff

I. About Your Google Workspace Account

Illinois Tech provides email, calendaring, document-sharing, and other productivity tools to support the educational, administrative, and alumni activities of the university and to serve as a means of official communication by and between users and IIT. All members of the IIT community now have their university email accounts, calendars and other productivity tools remotely hosted by Google.

II. Email Accounts 

An email account is a valuable asset. It is, and should remain, private to the owner alone. Individuals are responsible for all activity that takes place from their email account. To safeguard their identity and privacy, individuals should not share personal accounts or give their passwords to anyone. These standards herein apply to all employee email accounts within the Google Workspace environment. References to Google Workspace in this document encompass,,,, and email addresses.

All active academic and administrative employees automatically receive a Google Workspace account when hired by the university.

Individuals affiliated with, but not directly employed by, the university may be assigned a Google Workspace account upon written request from the sponsoring department head.

    1. Format of Email Addresses
      The format for IIT email addresses is the individual’s user name followed by The email address format for Stuart School of Business employees is The email address format for Chicago Kent-College of Law employees is The email address format for Institute of Design employees is  The email address format for Kaplan Institute employees is
    2. Email Aliases
      An email alias in the format of is automatically created for new IIT employees. An email alias in the same format also created for Stuart, Chicago-Kent, ID, and Kaplan Institute employees.  The email alias may be used to send and receive email, but not to log into the myIIT portal.
    3. Email Passwords
      Individuals may change their password at any time using the myIIT "Password Reset" tool. For reasons of privacy and security, passwords should be complex with a combination of letters and numbers. If a password is compromised, the account may be temporarily disabled. In such situations the user may contact the Office of Technology Services (OTS) Support Desk (312.567.3375) and request that their account be enabled. OTS staff will work with Google Support to enable the account.
    4. Reading Email
      Email is accessible through the myIIT portal and email software clients. Individuals who wish to use a software client are responsible for setup and upgrades of that software.
    5. Group Accounts 
      Google Workspace provides a Groups function for university departments and campus organizations to create their own online and email-based groups. When an organizational email account is required, the sponsoring department may submit a written request to the OTS Support Desk.
    6. Distribution Lists
      OTS does not create email distribution lists. The Google Groups App provides tools for departments and organizations to communicate with members via email.

III. Continuation of Google Workspace Privileges after Separation from the University

    1. Employee Resignation 
      When an employee leaves the university, their Illinois Tech accounts, including Google Workspace, are disabled upon termination of their relationship with the university. The individual’s supervisor may submit a written request to the OTS Support Desk for the Google Workspace account to remain available to that individual for 30 days after they separate from the university. After this grace period, the account is deactivated. In unique situations in which an employee leaves IIT but maintains some relationship with the university, the Office of Human Resources or the Office of the Provost may submit a written request for the Google Workspace account to remain active. These accounts are monitored, and if found to be inactive, may be managed as outlined in the “Continuance of Google Workspace Privileges after Separation from the University” section of this document.
    2. Employee retirement 
      Employees retiring from the university may request to keep (or reactivate) Google Workspace accounts. If retiring faculty or staff wish to keep their account, they must inform the Office of Human Resources when they leave the university. If no request for continuation is received, the account may be disabled after 30 days.
    3. People with multiple relationships to the university 
      Some individuals have more than one affiliation with the university. A faculty member may also be an alumnus; a staff member may be a student, etc. Employees who are also a student or alumnus/alumna receive a separate student account. As relationships with the university change, accounts may be managed as outlined in the “Continuation of Email Privileges after Separation from the University” section of this document and the IIT Student Google Workspace Account and Usage Standards.
    4. Separation for “Cause” 
      Individuals who are asked to leave the university ‘for cause’ immediately lose their Google Workspace access. All account access is deactivated upon separation.

IV. Storage and File Limits 

The storage quota is the amount of file storage that a user can keep on the system server. File limits relate to the size of individual files. Google manages our Illinois Tech accounts; therefore storage quotas and file limits are established and maintained by the service provider.

V. Email and Document Retrieval

The department head may submit a written request to the OTS Support Desk requesting that a supervisor be granted access to an employee’s Google Workspace account for 30 days after the employee has separated from the university. After this grace period, the account is deactivated.

Personal purchases or add-on services made to an individual’s university Google Workspace account are not transferable or reimbursable and are no longer available when an individual separates from the university.

VI. Abuse of Email and Public Communication Privileges 

Google Workspace services are a privilege, not a right. These privileges can be revoked for violations of Illinolis Tech's Use of Technology Resources policy and/or unacceptable behavior including, but not limited to:

    1. Using the IIT email environment to distribute unsolicited and unauthorized mass email (spam)
    2. Offensive language
    3. Obscene material or language
    4. Threats
    5. Infringement on others' privacy
    6. Interference with others' work
    7. Copyright infringement
    8. Illegal activity

Individuals who violate the terms of the IIT Use of Technology Resources policy are subject to disciplinary action or referral to law enforcement authorities. Office of Technology Services personnel may monitor suspected violations and examine items stored on any university storage medium by individuals suspected of violating these standards and policies.

Google reserves the right to administer all accounts in accordance with the Google Terms of Service.