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Equipment Rental and Checkout

The Office of Technology Services (OTS) provides equipment for rent to faculty, staff, departments, and organizations of Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) and select external organizations. These services are intended to assist the IIT community in optimizing education. 

To reserve an OTS computer lab, contact the Office of Event Services.  Equipment rental will have the following order of priority:

  1.    IIT classes
  2.    IIT organizations
  3.    Non-IIT organizations

Daily Rates and Payment

The daily fee for renting equipment provided by OTS can be obtained by contacting the OTS Support Desk. Note: there is an extra charge for emergency rentals and for equipment needed for extended periods of time. The charge in such cases will be communicated via email.

Staff Members

Staff members are directly responsible for the equipment and are expected to compensate for any damage incurred during the rental period. Furthermore, staff members renting equipment are also responsible for the payment of fees incurred for the daily rental charge and any late fees that may be applied for special requests or extended duration loans.


Students who request to check out equipment must have a letterhead of authorization with an IIT faculty or staff member’s signature and an account number for payment of fees. Students are expected to handle the equipment with the utmost care. The signing faculty/staff member’s department will be responsible for any damages to the equipment or late fees incurred.


As some equipment supplies are limited and demand for certain equipment peaks during IIT events, it is recommended that reservations be placed as early as possible. Please note: a minimum of 48 hours advance notice is required for any equipment rental, otherwise an additional $50 charge may be applied.


All equipment rental requests must be made through the Support Desk. Please click here for more instructions on how to submit an equipment rental request. The Checkout Form is sent directly to an OTS staff member who will send an email back indicating a confirmation or rental conflict. Please note: without the receipt of a confirmatory email, the reservation is pending.


The OTS staff member responsible for equipment rental is the Support Desk Manager. If there is an emergency situation with any rental equipment, please contact the Support Desk Manager to promptly inform them of what has transpired. The Support Desk Manager is located in the OTS Support Desk on the Upper Level of the Galvin Library, and his/her telephone number is 312.567.3409. If there is an emergency outside of regular office hours (9 AM – 5 PM Monday to Friday), please call the OTS Support Desk at 312.567.3375 and provide as much detail as possible.

IIT Staff or Student Organization

Scheduling requests for OTS equipment for use by IIT student or staff organizations/departments will be handled in the order in which they are received. Student organizations may not charge IIT students, faculty, or staff for any OTS equipment. A valid internal IIT account number is required for all equipment rentals.

Non-Profit or Community Organizations

Requests for scheduling of OTS equipment for use by non-profit or community organizations from outside IIT may be made by contacting the OTS Support Desk Manager by phone (312.567.3409) or email (

Business or Professional Organizations

Requests for rental of equipment for use by a business or a professional organization may be made by contacting the OTS Support Desk Manager by phone (312.567.3409), email ( or in-person.

Illinois Institute of Technology
Office of Technology Services
Galvin Library, Upper Level, 35 West 33rd Street
Chicago, IL 60616

Proper Care of OTS Equipment

To maintain the proper operation of OTS equipment, food or drink is prohibited near the equipment to avoid any damages to the equipment resulting from contamination or spills.

Proper Use of Equipment

To facilitate an educational environment and to ensure the best use of OTS equipment, it is prohibited to play games with or around the equipment. Any use of equipment that violates the IIT Use of Technology Resources policy or OTS standards, processes and procedures will result in suspension of the rental and confiscation of the equipment. Note: in the event that the renter’s actions lead to the confiscation of equipment it is expected that all rental and late fees are paid in full.

Peripherals and Other Attachments

Without the express permission of the Support Desk Manager, it is prohibited to attach any peripheral devices that are not provided with the equipment or are not intended to be attached to the equipment. OTS requests that individuals use the equipment only in the manner in which it was intended. Special requests or intent to use equipment by alternate means should be stated during the reservation process.

Software Installations

Without the explicit permission of the OTS Support Desk Manager, it is prohibited to install any software or make changes to the existing software on any OTS rental equipment. The cost of any damage to the system and/or the time spent restoring the system to its original state will be billed directly to the individual who rented the equipment. The charge for person-hours spent restoring the equipment to its original state is $25 per hour spent.