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Computer Lab and Printing Accounts Policy

Free Printing Credit

Every student receives the equivalent of 100 black and white, letter-sized (8.5” x 11”) in free printing credits each semester they are enrolled in classes. Free printing credits are applied to student accounts each semester and will remain in a user’s account at the end of the fall and spring semesters, rolling over to the next semester until the end of the academic year (i.e., end of the summer semester). At the completion of the summer semester, all remaining free printing credits from that year will expire.

Free printing credits are nonrefundable and expire annually with no exceptions. If a student has NOT registered for classes over the course of one academic year, his/her printing account will be disabled and any remaining free credits will expire. Once the student registers for classes his/her printing account will be re-enabled and free credits for the current semester will be applied to the account. Faculty and staff printing accounts do not receive free printing credits. In order to print in OTS labs, faculty and staff members must add funds to their TechCash account.


Refunds may be issued for failed print jobs due to malfunctions of the printer or printing system.  To receive a refund, the student must bring the failed print job to the Support Desk located on the upper level of the Galvin Library.  After investigating the cause of the failure, the Support Desk will issue the refund as a free print credit for the same amount to allow the student to reprint the job.   If the student used their TechCash account for the print job and wishes to have it refunded to their TechCash account this must be requested at the time of the refund request.  TechCash refunds are handled by Student Accounts and may take up to 30 days to be processed.

OTS recommends that users always keep a back up copy of their file on a storage device or as an attachment in an email message. OTS is not responsible for documents that are submitted incorrectly or removed from the queue after the 24 hour holding period.