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Abuse Response Process

Notifying OTS of Incidents

The following email addresses are used to communicate problems to OTS management. These addresses are consistent with industry standards and are used by both internal and external parties to notify Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) of abuse and to request action. (any abuse or unauthorized use of computers or the network) of email services) (abuse of computers, specifically hosts, on the network) (any breach of computer or network security)

Examples of inappropriate uses of computer resources include, but are not limited to

  1. Using Computer Resources for commercial purposes

  2. Sending unsolicited, annoying, or obscene messages or email to another computer or computer user

  3. Utilizing a false identity in obtaining or utilizing an email account or to gain access to a Computer Resource
  4. Displaying adult web sites (especially those self-identified as such) or other obscene materials in public computer laboratories
  5. Examining or attempting to examine another user's files, accounts or email, without explicit permission by the owner of those files or email
  6. Interrupting, hindering, damaging or otherwise interfering with the normal operation of the computer laboratories, systems, data and/or voice networks, including, but not limited to, port scanning, IP spoofing, network analysis, network monitoring, illegal logins, running traffic-generating applications, installing any software or program code that is intended to or likely to result in the eventual damage to or degradation of the performance of Computer Resources; or using Computer Resources to perform acts that are deliberately wasteful of computing resources
  7. Posting copyrighted text or images on a web page without the owner's permission or in any other way violating copyright laws, including, but not limited to, the use of peer to peer file sharing applications to illegal transmit music, software, movies or other protected materials
  8. Using Computer Resources to engage in or further any fraudulent or criminal act or to violate IIT policies, including, but not limited to, monitoring, in any way, another User's data communications; gaining or attempting to gain access to remote computers, infringing the rights of other Users to use Computer Recourses; or violating the terms of software licensing agreements

Response to Unauthorized Use

Individuals who violate the aims of the PDF below will be subject to disciplinary action or to referral to law enforcement authorities. Office of Technology Services personnel are authorized to monitor suspected violations and to examine items stored on any University storage medium by individuals suspected of violating this policy. Anyone discovered to be hindering normal operations or making inappropriate use of computer resources will be contacted and appropriate action taken. Upon report of a violation, the User may be denied access to IIT Computer Resources. All pertinent information on the alleged violation will be given to the appropriate IIT official who may then take action in accordance with applicable policies.