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Faculty / Staff MACs

Computer Recommendations

Recommended Computer Specifications

To determine the best computer to suit your needs, first consider your primary usage. We highly recommend that you consult your department to find out what types of programs you will need to use on your computer and their specific recommendations or requirements.

Consider the following questions before purchasing your computer

  • Are you primarily writing papers and accessing the Internet?
  • Do you need to use your computer for programming?
  • Do you need to use your computer for multimedia work?
  • Will you be creating graphics, music, or video?
  • Do you need to burn CDs or DVDs?

Example Hardware Configurations

Recommended new computer specifications for using your computer for accessing the Internet and word processing:

Component Macintosh
CPU Intel i7 2.9 GHz or faster
System RAM 8 GB or more
Hard Drive 500 GB Hard Drive or SSD
Monitor 1600 x 1200 Min. Resolution
Video Card Intel HD Graphics or AMD Radeon Pro with 1 GB
Operating System Mac OS 10.13 or latest version
Network Card 10/100/1000 Gbps Ethernet (USB Adaptor OK)
Wireless Network Card 802.11 ac (WPA2-Enterprise support required)

Recommended Add-ons

  • Anti-virus software installed and properly configured
  • Three-year warranty (extended coverage from Manufacturer, Retailer, or AppleCare) and/or theft and accidental damage insurance.
  • Theft and damage insurance
  • USB flash drive (64GB recommended or higher recommended)
  • Integrated Webcam (Skype, Google+ Hangouts, etc).
  • Backup Solution (External Hard Drive with 500+ GB, Carbonite, CrashPlan).