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Voicemail System Upgrade

Illinois Tech will be replacing its voicemail system beginning Thursday, May 2, 2019. The current voicemail system is more than 25 years old and is no longer capable of being upgraded to deliver and support new voicemail features. After evaluating several vendors, the university has chosen a cloud-based voicemail solution, specifically, Mitel Clearspan Communicator Voicemail.

One outstanding feature of the new voicemail system is the ability to integrate this service with the university’s email system to deliver voicemail messages as email notifications with an attached audio file each time a user receives a voicemail message.  The voicemail delivery to your email inbox will be from ""

On May 2, the new voicemail system will ‘go live’ insofar as you will be able to access your new voicemail to set up your name, greetings, etc. and get used to the mechanics of the new system.  However, you will not receive any voicemails on the new system just yet.  All your voicemail messages will continue to be delivered to our current voicemail system, Audix, until May 24, 2019, when our voicemail system will switch to Mitel Cloud, and thereafter you will receive your voicemails through that system. 

Please note:  You will want to retrieve all of your Audix voicemails by May 31, 2019, because after that time, those Audix voicemails will no longer be accessible, and they cannot be transferred to the new Mitel Cloud voicemail system. (For those on the Moffett Campus only, the last day to access your voicemails on the old system was April 29, 2019.)

On all Illinois Tech campuses, there will be a new phone number for setting up your greetings, etc. and retrieving your Mitel voicemails, i.e., 1-312-808-6423 (1-312-80VOICE), or “VOICE” (x86423 on campus).  When you dial that number and the attendant says, "Please enter your mailbox ID," just enter your five-digit IIT extension.  After May 31, all campus voicemail numbers will automatically be transitioned to the new voicemail system.

Recap of Key Dates:

  • April 29, 2019 (On the Moffett Campus only): The AT&T voicemail system was shut down.  Transfer of voicemails from the old to the new voicemail system is not possible.
  • May 2, 2019:  New Mitel Cloud voicemail goes ‘live,’ but only with respect to setting up your personal greetings, etc. and familiarizing yourself with the new system.
  • May 24, 2019:  All your voicemails will go through the Mitel Cloud system; they will no longer go through Audix, our prior system.
  • May 31, 2019:  Last day to retrieve any of your Audix voicemails before the system is completely shut down.  Transfers of voicemails from the old to the new voicemail systems will not be possible. 

For a Quick Reference Guide to the new Mitel voicemail, please click here.