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How can I get my visiting friends/family connected?

Click here for instructions.

What is quarantine and why is my device quarantined?

When a device is identified as compromised or missing critical updates, it will be quarantined until the issue is resolved. Please contact the OTS Support Desk to get assistance with any issues and have the device removed from quarantine.

How do I register a device that does not have the ability to browse the web, such as SmartTV, Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, Google Chromecast or Arduino devices?

Please contact the OTS Support Desk to register your device.

How do I request a static IP address?

The policy for requesting a static IP addresses can be found here.

How can I connect my gaming console to IIT Network?

Connecting game consoles over a wired connection is preferred. If the device supports only WiFi connectivity*, please use IIT-Console. Some game consoles have a web browser and can be registered that way.  If not, please contact the OTS Support Desk to register the game console.

*802.11b only game consoles are not supported.

What wireless standards does the IIT network support?

IIT supports 802.11ax(WiFi 6), 802.11ac, 802.11g and 802.11n.  IIT no longer supports 802.11a or 802.11b client devices on the network.

What is dual band?

WiFi technology uses two radio bands: 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Devices that only operate in one radio band are single band. Devices that can operate in either radio bands are dual band. For the best experience, OTS recommends the use of dual band devices whenever possible. In general, these wireless adapters are marketed as a/b/g/n, a/g/n, a/b/g/n/ac, ac, ax or WiFi 6.

What type of security does IIT-Secure use?

IIT-Secure provides WPA2-Enterprise authentication using EAP-PEAP/MS-CHAPv2 and AES encryption.

What is Wireless Roaming?

Wireless Roaming allows wireless devices to move from one location to another and still retain the connection without disconnecting. IIT wireless infrastructure supports roaming within the same building.

What is IIT-Console?

IIT-Console is an unencrypted SSID meant for gaming consoles and devices  that do not support WPA2-Enterprise; this SSID is supported only in Housing areas.

Are wireless printers supported on IIT wireless infrastructure?

OTS does not support or recommend wireless printing. OTS recommends users connect their printers to a wired port or use an USB cable. Please contact the OTS Support Desk if you need any assistance.

Can I set up my own wireless access point?

Any non-OTS approved wireless access point is considered to be a rogue access point and OTS reserves the right to take action to prevent their negative impact on the IIT wireless infrastructure. Please see the Non-Interference with Technology Infrastructure Policy.

Does OTS support wireless devices that are not capable of WPA2-Enterprise?

In Housing areas, devices that do not support WPA2-Enterprise can be accommodated on the IIT-Console SSID. In Academic areas, please contact the OTS Support Desk.

What do the colors on the wall ports mean?

IIT uses four colors for wall ports: Yellow, Orange, Blue, and Green. Yellow and Orange are used for network ports. Blue and Green are voice ports.

Older cabling may not follow this color scheme and may use different colors.

How can I get a new network port installed?

       Please contact the OTS Support Desk to submit a ticket for new installations.

How can I get my existing network port activated?

Please contact the OTS Support Desk to submit a ticket for activating existing network ports. A port activation fee may apply.

How do wired ports in MSV work?

In general, when viewing from the hallway into the room, the ports on the left side wall are network ports. The ports on the right side wall are voice ports.

Exceptions include, but not limited to, room suites and Fowler Hall. In room suites, where there is a separate bedroom, the network ports are only in the first room. The bedroom may only have voice ports. Fowler Hall has different room layouts that do not match other MSV Halls.

Please contact the OTS Support Desk if you have any questions or problems.

What speeds can I expect on the wired network?

Due to the old cabling in MSV we provide 10mbps at half duplex to the rooms. All other locations will negotiate up to 100mbps or 1000mbps.

What if I have a question and I don’t see the answer here?

         Please contact the OTS Support Desk with any other questions.