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Laptop and Desktop Management

Our desktops and laptops, which are also known as "endpoints," are the primary entry points for malware and loss of data.  In an effort to help reduce risk to our community and our information, OTS will be implementing five changes to make our desktops and laptops more secure and to improve service to our user community:

  • Using Active Directory for authentication with single-sign on
    • Use your same login/password for all other services.
    • Control who can access the device.
    • Help prevent compromised credentials.
  • Managing devices with Microsoft MECM/SCCM and Apple JAMF
    • Keeps the device updated/patched.
    • 'Pushes' software so there is no need for the Support Desk or ITS Help Desk to conduct a remote session or make a site visit to install software.
  • Encrypting the storage on all devices
    • If a device is stolen or compromised, the data cannot be accessed.
  • Adding geolocation tools to laptops
    • If stolen or misplaced, the laptop can be located.
  • Managing administrator access via the “MakeMeAdmin” tool
    • You can still access admin functions when needed.
    • It makes it much harder for malware to be installed.