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Banner 9 Registration Email - FACULTY + STAFF

We are pleased to announce that the Banner 9 Student Registration dashboard is going live tonight, and will offer a streamlined, user friendly way for students to browse and register for courses. The registration dashboard will have a modern look and feel, improved features, and new tools. This is the latest in a series of planned upgrades that OTS has been working on for the MyIIT Portal. 

Accessing the Student Registration Dashboard

Faculty and advisors of students can access the Registration Dashboard through the Teaching tab of the MyIIT portal. (This button is on the Welcome tab of students’ MyIIT portals.)

This button will open the new registration dashboard.

Faculty View

Faculty can browse classes and view the course catalog.


Advisor View

Advisors can view the course catalog, browse classes, and create student course plans.

Student View

Students can view their registration status, build course plans, view past schedules, browse classes, register for classes (once registration opens), and more. 

Instructions for using the new registration dashboard

Specific instructions with screenshots are available here: Faculty and Advisors Registration Instructions. Students have been sent specific instructions as well. Communications and training materials for all Banner 9 upgrades will be permanently available on the OTS Banner 9 Project Page.

If you have any questions about the new student registration module, please first view the instruction information linked above, and then contact the Office of the Registrar, at We look forward to providing the university community with improved features for course planning and registration!