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Quick Reference Guide to New Mitel Voicemail

A Quick Reference Guide for the new voicemail system is now available.  A copy can be downloaded here.  For your convienience, a low-resolution copy of the Quick Reference Guide is available below.   For a more detailed, voicemail User Guide, please click here.

Please note that until May 31, 2019, you will still be able to utilize the voicemail buttons on existing (Avaya) telephones to access Audix (the 'old' voicemail system).   To access the new voicemail system prior to May 31, 2019, you must dial 1-312-808-6423 (1-312-80VOICE), or "VOICE" (x86423 on campus).  When you dial that number and the attendant says, "Please enter your mailbox ID," just enter your five-digit Illinois Tech extension.  Please note that the voicemail delivery to your email inbox will be from ""