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Alumni Technology Access

Congratulations to our alumni, and soon-to-be alumni, on completing your studies at Illinois Tech! To help with your post-commencement transition, the Office of Technology Services (OTS) has created this guide to the software and services that will (and won’t) be available to you after you graduate, including important information about your Google Workspace and M365 accounts, and the action items we recommend you do or understand before you graduate.


While you can retain your student email for life, most of the applications that require students to sign in with their university email and password will expire after graduation—either right away or after a 12-month grace period. Applications that use storage, namely Google Workspace and M365, will not be available and will require you to move files if you want to retain them. See a summary of actions you need to take below, or scroll to the bottom to see lists of technology you can and cannot access after graduation.

Technology access will fall into one of three categories:

  1. Always access: Technology you can access indefinitely
  2. Access ONLY for 12 months: Technology you can access in a 12-month grace period following graduation
  3. Lose access upon graduation: Technology you can no longer access upon graduation

Action Items for Account Transitions

Here are a few key items you need to do and be aware of as you transition from being a student to being an alumna/alumnus.

Google Workspace File Transfer
  • Except for email, you will not have any access to the Google Workspace after the 12 month grace period after graduation, and you will also have a storage cap of 500MB total. (Google has implemented storage quotas on higher-education entities, including Illinois Tech, which impacts our community.) Please move your data while you are still familiar with what you have in your files.
Microsoft 365 File Transfer
  • Maintain email, if you want it. You may retain your student email for life. (Note: this only applies to email, not all of the Google Workspace applications.)
    • To log into your Illinois Tech email account after you graduate, you will log in directly through the email platform (like rather than through Access Illinois Tech’s multi-factor authentication method.
  • Reduce your email storage
    • Email is included in the total 500MB Google storage limit for each alumna/alumnus; while this storage limit will be imposed beginning 12 -months after you graduate, please work on deleting content you do not wish to keep and transferring content that you do want to keep now while the data is still familiar to you.
  • Set up email forwarding
    • If you do not want to use your student email account after graduation, you can set up email forwarding to your personal email.
  • TechCash
    • Any remaining TechCash funds can still be used within 12 months after graduation.
  • W2s for Student Employees
    • If you are actively employed at Illinois Tech, you will be able to access your electronic pay stubs, W2s, and other employment and financial information through the MyIIT portal.
    • Once you are no longer working for the university, you will no longer be able to access your W2 through the university’s systems; instead your W2 will be mailed to you. Please make sure your permanent address is up to date in your Student Dashboard before you graduate. If you need an additional W2, email
  • During the 12-month grace period (only), you will continue to have access to your official and unofficial transcripts through the Access Illinois Tech Student Dashboard.
  • If you would like to keep a copy of your unofficial transcript, please make a PDF of it prior to graduating. You will not be able to access Banner Self-Service after the 12 month grace period.
  • To order an official transcript after the 12- month grace period following commencement, you can create a new account on Illinois Tech's "Parchment page" via the Registrar’s Office website.
Building Access (via Student ID Card)
  • Many university buildings are open to the public during the day, while others require a student ID card. Your ID card will not work for accessing buildings requiring student identification after you graduate. The exception to this is Chicago-Kent College of Law students, who will retain access to the Conviser Law Center through the first Monday in August, due to building access needed leading up to Bar examinations.

Read below to see lists of the specific software and services that may impact you grouped by three access categories, technology you can:

  1. Always access: Technology you can access indefinitely
  2. Access ONLY for 12 months: Technology you can access in a 12-month grace period following graduation
  3. Lose access upon graduation: Technology you can no longer access upon graduation

Access You Have Indefinitely as an Alumna/Alumnus

The applications below will continue to be available to alumni beyond their graduation:

Application or Document

Type of Alumni


How/Where to Access After 12 Months

Email All alumni University-provided email address. To log into your email, go directly to your email platform, like
Handshake All alumni University’s job board service for employers and alumni job-seekers. Reset your Handshake password. See more information on this page of the Career Services website.
ISSS (International Student and Scholar Services) Portal OPT/STEM OPT students/alumni Used for immigration-compliance reporting. A password reset will be required to convert your current ISSS account. Instructions will be sent by email from the International Center within a month after graduation.
Official transcripts All alumni The way to order school records for up to 12 months after graduation (i.e. Banner Self-Service under the Student dashboard via Access Illinois Tech.) If needed, order official transcripts through Illinois Tech's Parchment page. You will need to make a new Parchment account. See more information on the Transcripts page of the Registrar’s website.
W2s Alumni who had an on-campus job W2s are student employee tax forms If you were employed by the university (e.g., had an on-campus job), HR will mail a W2 to your permanent address. (Make sure your permanent address is updated in your student dashboard before you graduate.) If you need an additional W2, email HR at
Form 1098-T (tax form) Alumni who paid qualified educational expenses in the previous tax year Form 1098-T is a tuition tax statement that colleges and universities are required to issue to students who paid "qualified educational expenses" in the preceding tax year After 12 months, or if you did not opt for electronic delivery, you can access Form 1098-T via the Educational Computer Systems, Inc. (ECSI) website. See more information on the Student Accounting Website.

(If you opted to have your 1098-T delivered electronically, you can find it in the MyIIT portal under 'Manage My Account' within the 12 months following graduation.)

Library resources All alumni General library resources Alumni have standard guest services. See more information on the Library website.

Application Access Available for 12 Months Following Graduation

To assist you with your transition to ‘the real world,’ you will retain full access to a handful of applications for a period of 12 months. Please see the table below to see the applications to which you will have access for 12 months after you graduate and the action you must take, if any, before the 12 months are up.

12 Month Deadlines:

  • Spring graduates: May 31 of the following year
  • Summer graduates: August 31 of the following year
  • Fall graduates: December 31 of the following year

Application or Document


Action to Take Within 12 Months of Graduating

Google Workspace  Google Drive, Photos, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Sites, etc. -- anything with storage No access after 12 months, except to your Gmail, which you will retain.

You must transfer any content you wish to keep (including files in Google Drive and Google Photos).
M365 / OneDrive Microsoft drive/document storage No access after 12 months.

You must transfer any content you wish to keep.
Papercut On-campus printing application No access after 12 months.

Free printing will be set to $0 at the start of the next term, and any amount you loaded will be available within the 12-month grace period.
TechCash (on your MyHawk Card) Campus-card program in which you can store funds for on-campus spending No access after 12 months.

Use up any remaining funds in your TechCash account.
Manage My Account Student Accounting portal No access after 12 months.
IIT Alert Campus security alert system No access/alerts after 12 months.

You can unsubscribe if you don't want alerts.
Unofficial transcripts (via Banner Self-Service) Unofficial transcripts can be accessed via Access Illinois Tech, Banner Self-Service, under "Student." Make a PDF copy before you graduate. No self-service access after 12 months.

Contact the Registrar if you need a copy of your unofficial transcript beyond 12 months from graduation.
Access Illinois Tech dashboard apps Applications hosted on Access Illinois Tech No access after 12 months.
MyIIT Portal apps Applications hosted on the MyIIT portal No access after 12 months.

Download any information needed.
Blackboard Web-based learning management platform No access after 12 months.
Wi-Fi Wireless Internet on campus No access after 12 months.
VPN Virtual private network for secure Internet access No access after 12 months.
Banner Self-Service 9 Banner Self-Service dashboard and personal information hub No access after 12 months.
My Parking Campus parking app No access after 12 months.

Access You Will Lose Immediately Upon Graduation

Many student-specific applications cannot be accessed after you graduate. For example, the following applications are intended for currently-enrolled students only and will not be available to you as alumni:

  • Apporto (virtual computer lab - VCL)
  • InterLibrary loan (MyILL)
  • Elevate (virtual student engagement center)
  • Wireless Internet Device Registration
  • StarRez Housing Portal
  • Suitable (student organization platform)
  • Zoom

Please note that this is only a partial—not a comprehensive—list of relevant applications.

Do You Need Help with Application Access?

If you are having issues accessing any of the above-mentioned applications within the permissible time frames, please contact the OTS Support Desk at