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IT Roadmap

As part of Illinois Institute of Technology's Strategic Plan 2014-2019, OTS has established a series of strategies to meet those goals:

IIT Strategic Plan - Priority 4:  Enhance Illinois Tech's facilities, infrastructure and environments
4.1.1:  Deploy and leverage technology solutions that foster learning, support collaboration, and ease the flow of student-related transactions regardless of time or place.  Create a culture in which students and faculty embrace an integrated set of technology services as part of their teaching and learning activities.

4.1.2:  Implement and leverage technology to increase the operational effectiveness of the university, specifically focusing on the untapped potential within Illinois Tech's existing technology systems.  Reduce or eliminate slow and labor-intensive manual processes; improve the accuracy and timeliness of adminstrative processes.  Produce reports to support operational decision-making and identify business trends to support strategic investments.

4.1.3:  Implement and leverage the technology infrastructure to enhance and support Illinois Tech's research activities.  Elevate Illinois Tech's reputation as a top-tier research organization.

4.1.4:  Engage the university in developing a technology strategic plan that will evaluate current technology infrastructure and related services, address areas of risk, attend to deferred maintenance of systems and equipment, and identify new services relevant to the pursuit of teaching, learning, and research.